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Macramé Handbag from Vintage & Pre-Consumer Waste

Artist - Amy Auerbach, San Francisco California, USA

This piece is apart of Most Wanted's art exhibition, FASHION STORIES. Proceeds from this sale will be donated to Remake -

Coming from a long line of artists and makers dating back generations; history, nostalgia, and craft serve as touchstones for my artwork and fashion design. As a sustainable fashion designer, I strive to maximize materials to their fullest potential to reduce textile waste. I believe that everything has the potential, even the tiniest scrap of fabric. I am passionate about being a part of the fashion industry where sustainability, fairness, respect for the environment, the supply chain, and the people who make the clothes are valued. Being a Remake Ambassador is part of that process for me! The materials used in this purse are vintage and pre-consumer trims from the fashion industry. They represent a minuscule amount of waste the fashion industry is polluting the earth with. By remaking waste into something new and unique, I am contributing a small solution to a big problem. Each knot makes us stronger; able to take on more challenges. Twisting and turning we evolve, solving problems that once weren’t there. By tying us together, change is possible.

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