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Nothing to Hide - Prints on Organic Hemp

Artist - Lucy Hall of Nothing to Hide, London, UK

Follow Lucy on Instagram @nothingtohide.nth

This piece is apart of Most Wanted's art exhibition, FASHION STORIES. Proceeds from this sale will be donated to Remake -

How do we get people to engage with the subject of fashion sustainability? This question was what started Lucy Hall’s social media project, Nothing To Hide. 

 Unlike fast fashion labels who fail to share the truth of what really goes on in their supply chains, Nothing To Hide shines a light on small businesses, organizations and individuals providing transparency and driving real change in the fashion industry. Lucy’s prints aim to spark conversations, taking quotes from key figures, such as Aja Barber and, of course, Remake, and turning them into colourful, 60s inspired visuals, paying homage to the fashion values of that generation: quality, longevity, craftsmanship and self-expression.

These prints are 8.5x11 inches