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The Lavender Jacket by Marissa Aurora

Artist - Marissa Aurora 

Follow Marissa on Instagram @bymarissaurora

This piece is apart of Most Wanted's art exhibition, FASHION STORIES. Proceeds from this sale will be donated to Remake -

This cropped blazer is an old item made anew to represent a remodelling of the shortened life on our planet. It symbolizes the urgency needed to act on the finite time we have to change and rework what already exists.

 Marissa is an Upcycle designer from Calgary, Alberta. Sewing and designing for 10 years with a background in apparel technology and a passion for sustainable and ethical fashion. She reimagines pieces to give them new life to extend their wear. She focuses more on practical pieces like patchwork totes made from toiles, samples and scraps from personal and school projects. Visit her store ByMarissaurora on instagram to see more creations and commissioned work.


Shoulders 16 in

Chest 13 in

Length front 22 in

Length back 15.5

Sleeve 20 in

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