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At Most Wanted, we are here to bring the world of luxury fashion to British Columbia & beyond in the most sustainable & ethical way possible. Our pieces are always pre-loved and always in immaculate condition, though we do celebrate the odd scuff here and there. Every garment has a story to tell. We believe in extending the life of luxury by cherishing the history of a garment, and happily writing it a new story
We should all be able to build our dream wardrobes without furthering the unjust impacts of the fashion industry on both people and our planet. First and foremost, we are here to fight against the machine of overproduction, do our part to create a more sustainable, circular industry, and look exquisite in the process.

How did we get here? Let's start with the woman behind Most Wanted. 

Hey there, I'm Emily. I'm a born and raised Canadian, but also call London, England my second home. I began my journey in the sustainable fashion landscape after working in photoshoot production in London. I had the privilege of working with luxury brands and magazines such as Vogue, Bottega Veneta, and Interview Magazine. These experiences opened my eyes to the expansive cultural importance of fashion. I realized I wanted to do something to make a positive difference in the industry I've always loved.
Since coming home to Canada, I have learned about the horrifically unethical practices that happen behind the glamorous closed doors of this industry. I am now a Community Organizer for the non-profit Remake, fighting to make the fashion industry a force for good. I am also the founder of Rising, an education-based social enterprise dedicated to creating teaching resources on society’s most prevalent issues, like fashion sustainability!  I am a stylist dedicated to only working with pre-loved clothing and am about to enter my 3rd year of #NoNewClothes. While advocacy has become a growing passion, I remain a luxury fashion nerd. 

So, what does this all have to do with Most Wanted? 

In November of 2020, Most Wanted Luxury Resale began with the incredible work of Emily's mentor and friend, Tracey. Working together throughout a confusing and terrifying year, they combined their passion for sustainability and luxury fashion to bring something truly unique to Kelowna. Emily became the official owner of MW in Oct 2021 and is thrilled to continue cultivating a community of fashion lovers committed to shopping ethically.
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