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At Most Wanted, sustainability means...

. . . doing what's best for people and our planet in every decision we make. We are not perfect, but as we learn more we are continuously adapting to be better. 
Sustainability is ingrained in what we do as a small, women-led, consignment boutique. We are proud to be a part of the growing resale industry because we believe that pre-loved is the most ethical way to shop. When you shop pre-loved instead of new, you are extending the lifecycle of a garment and writing it a whole new story. Not only are you proving the value of fashion by keeping it in wardrobes instead of landfills, you are actively voting for a better fashion industry and world. 
Every small decision we make has an impact. We use recycled paper for our business cards, avoid printing at all costs, and reuse all tags for our clothing. These are just a few examples of everyday business operations which we look at through a lens of sustainability. As Most Wanted grows, we will be incorporating sustainable decision making every step of the way. 

We love luxury just as much as you. When we invest in luxury pieces we have a greater appreciation for the quality of the item and the hands that made it. Reselling means we can happily make luxury much more accessible to our community. Luxury also incentivizes us to properly care for our pieces, ensuring they last for many years to come (which they are already more likely to do). We are here to help cultivate a fashion future where the norm is to invest in a handful of pieces to elevate your wardrobe without sacrificing ethics or style. It is time say ‘so long’ to haul videos, toxic fast fashion, human exploitation, and destruction of natural resources. The fashion industry we are helping to create is circular, rooted in pre-loved, accessible and intersectional, committed to de-growth, and fabulously stylish. 


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Getting Involved in Our Community...

One element of the clothing and textile industry we think deserves more attention is waste and disposal. It’s a harsh reality that impacts people and our planet greatly, so we are here to do everything in our power to help clothes stay in wardrobes and out of landfills and waterways (primarily in the global south). As a reseller, this is the essence of our business, but we still want to do more. Starting in 2022, Most Wanted will be hosting clothing sales where proceeds will support our two incredible non-profit partners. We will be recirculating donated clothing from our community as well as clothing that has not yet found a home through our shop. Remaining items will be donated to our local women's shelter.
Let us tell you about our partners with whom these sales will support…


Rising is a social enterprise based in Kelowna, BC dedicated to educating today’s youth about prevalent issues we face in society. Rising is powered by Enactus, an international organization which consists of student led projects striving to create social change. Rising is here to help educate today’s youth and empower them to create meaningful change in their communities. 


Remake is a non-profit organization that fosters a community of fashion lovers, women’s rights advocates, and environmentalists on a mission to change the fashion and textile industry’s harmful practices on people and our planet. Remake makes sustainability accessible and inclusive across their three pillars of work: education, advocacy, and transparency.

At the End of the Day...

We are far too familiar with fashion's habits of greenwashing and unsupported sustainability claims. We're not here to take advantage of your desire to shop ethically. We are here to celebrate our collective love of fashion by fostering a community committed to learning, shifting our shopping habits, and exploring style in the incredible world of pre-loved. 
Have questions about sustainability, transparency, ethical fashion or shopping pre-loved? We'd love to hear from you!
Thank you for supporting Most Wanted and joining us on our sustainability journey. 
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