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For this week’s blog post I thought it was about time we showcase one of our most beloved brands in store. Originally founded in 1854 as a purely luggage brand, Louis Vuitton has experienced a fashion trajectory unlike any other. Our Most Wanted community is no stranger to the LV monogram and that love is rooted in an appreciation for the impeccable quality and history associated with the brand. For me, though the fine details are of course selling features, it’s the legacy of the brand that intrigues me the most. 

 Louis Vuitton business folder

For this post I wanted to feature a blend of vintage and modern Louis Vuitton pieces that we’re proud to have in store right now. I’m a sentimental person who appreciates tradition, a value I believe is shared with the brand considering their unwavering consistency in design and their dedication to the iconic monogramming. The pieces in this post range from the 1970s-2020s and yet the energy behind them remains the same: A proud proclamation of quality and heritage. 

 Louis Vuitton ring agenda cover

I’m in awe of these two LV stationary pieces: a Business Folder & and Medium Ring Agenda Cover, both pre 1980s. If only objects could talk I would be fascinated to know what kind of rooms these occupied, what documents they held, what meetings they went to and desks they sat on. They truly fit perfectly with our Most Wanted motto of Finding Your Story because not only do the new owners get to write (literally) the pieces a new story, but they hold with them decades of history. 

 Louis Vuitton Briefcase

A Louis Vuitton briefcase is unapologetically reminiscent of the brand’s roots in the luggage industry. Though this piece may feel work exclusive, I love to idea of styling is more casually. This would be fabulous with a simple dress, a touch of jewelry, and some slides worn to meet a friend for coffee or a solo date to the used book store. We don’t need to be attending business meetings to wear a piece like this, it’s too stunning to save! 

Louis Vuitton Pouch

The final LV goody I have to mention is this Neverfull Pouch or ‘Pouchette’. A highly sought after modern piece that doubles as a useful bag insert, and a clutch. This one even has attachment clasps for a crossbody strap, since we all know the world’s obsession with tiny bags is not going anywhere anytime soon. 


The resale value for Louis Vuitton will never go down, so with that in mind they always feel like a good investment. But at the end of the day we want to truly fall in love with and feel connected to the pieces we’re bringing into our wardrobes. There’s no better way to spark that connection than by understanding and appreciating the decades of legacy we carry with us as we wear, carry, write in, and live alongside these impeccable pieces of history 


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