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Due to the rise of fast fashion, textile waste has become an even bigger issue in recent years. Fashion brands are now producing almost twice the amount of clothing today compared to the year 2000, and these pieces are often poorly made, ending up in landfills in an average of 3.1 to 3.5 years. This shortened life cycle of a garment coupled with increased consumption habits has led to a 40% increase in textile waste to landfills between 1999 and 2009.

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Many brands are doing their part to combat this issue by creating an assortment of initiatives aimed at reducing post consumer textile waste but few brands have done as much in this space over the years as Eileen Fisher has. In the nearly 40 years since it was founded, the NYC brand has revolutionized the fashion industry by focusing on timeless silhouettes, more environmentally friendly textiles, and a closed loop production model through their Eileen Fisher Renew program, which takes back, resells, and recycles discarded Eileen Fisher pieces to create new ones.

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Currently in stock are several classic Eileen Fisher pieces ranging from summer staples like linen shirts and light knitwear to versatile basics like trousers and blazers. For an easy, elegant summer look we've styled an Eileen Fisher shirt and skirt with some of our favourite elevated accessories; Bally sunglasses, Ferragamo silk scarf, Poppy Barley bag and Lacoste sneakers. 

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By shopping secondhand and buying pieces like this, you can do your part to transform the system away from the linear “take-make-waste” system of the traditional fashion towards a more regenerative, circular model - all of which will be key in extending the longevity of our garments, our industry, and our planet as a whole.

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