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I’ll be honest, the resurgence of Y2K fashion is not something I hold much enthusiasm for. I’m more likely to be drawn in by the grunge of the 90s or some 70s fringe. Lately I’ve even gotten on board with true 80s shoulder pads and puffy sleeves, it took a minute, but I got there! When it comes to the era of baby tees and low rise jeans, I've struggled to find my entry point into the aesthetic. That is, until this week when a beloved client of ours walked through the door with a dress I won’t soon forget and may be just what I needed to see Y2K as something worthy of sticking around. Enter: 2000s Christian Dior Boutique velvet mini dress. 

Originally from the early 2000s, this is a dress that requires almost nothing to bring it to life. Lean into the dress’s potential for sportiness with a pair of sneakers and a baseball cap. Toss on a pair of sunnies (the thinner the better) and a dainty kitten heel and you’ll be milking this dress for every ounce of coolness it has to offer. Barbie-core is sweeping the nations this summer, why not throw on a pair of baby pink tights, an unapologetically girly shoe, the tiniest of tiny hand bags and make no apologies because you look fabulous?! It’s difficult to go wrong with a piece like this. 

I decided to go a different route this time around, pairing it with a silk Agent Provocateur robe, Jeffery Campbell chunky combat boots and a somewhat bold and very current pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses. Contrasting aesthetics was the goal here.

This dress is inherently sexy. It’s literally a tube of velvet hugging tight to the skin, so wearing it with pieces that are somewhat unexpected is very fun. The boots, though very current, give a nod to my aforementioned love of grunge. The addition of lingerie brings a delicate femininity to the look that contrasts well with the borderline gaudy CD crystal logo at the hip. And the sunglasses are just cool, full stop. 

We’re in an era of fashion where anything goes, and though this dress screams early noughties, it is something that will remain relevant in the years to come. I say that while wondering whether I would have fallen in love with this dress just as much had it not so perfectly represented the trend I was intent on avoiding. Perhaps I was subconsciously looking for a way in, desperate to partake in the fun everyone seems to be having dressing like Paris Hilton. Regardless, I’ve fallen in love, and I think you have too. Though not subtle in any way, this dress feels versatile, perhaps more so than any other Y2K pieces I’ve come across in the shop. It’s a magnetic piece of clothing that was made to turn heads, no matter the year.


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